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May 2024

Some big UI/UX updates, a few quality of life changes, and *drumroll* ... a biiiiiig feature

Hippo sitting on a table using a laptop, surrounded by cute little flowers
Someone told me to touch grass, am I doing it right?


  • UI tweaked for rank movement, offering an improved user experience


  • Updated filters on collection activity to match those on profile activity


  • Airdrops have been disabled


  • Updated to the latest version for Dexhunter


  • Minor UI fixes for the minting feature


  • Users can now toggle between grid view and list view on the collection page
  • Sweeping is always active now, and a new slider has been added


  • My NFTs tab on profiles now has collection filters (!!). The UI has also been updated on that tab.
JPG Hippo profile image JPG Hippo