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March 2024

Our Engineering team just does not rest - a short list of what they've been up to this month

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Just fixing some bugs, coding some new features, and looking absolute fab with my bunny ears


  • Bug fixed: Total sale price not updating as NFTs were selected in Bulk Accept Collection Offers
  • Notifications panel in profile settings received a major overhaul


  • Improved metadata filters for COTAS


  • Marketing widgets removed
  • Stats for Royalties paid, Trading Volume, and Traders added to the footer


  • Profile URLs updated to profile/user to fix certain edge-cases
  • Changing wallets now syncs faster with


  • Bug fixed: Accept Collection Offer was redirecting to empty page


  • Bug fix: When accepting collection offers in bulk, if some transactions failed, the confirmation dialogue would still display the failed assets, plus include them in summary. This has now been fixed to fade out the failed assets.
  • Improved backend support for ADA handles


  • Bug fix: Collection titles were being hidden behind the "ended" tag after the collection had finished minting
  • Bug fix: Collection images were not loading after using Bulk List


  • Bug fix: Collection analytics were not displaying correctly in some cases


  • Users can now create a maximum of 25 collection offers in one transaction, increased from the previous limit of 10
  • Bug fix: Report Collection modal was not positioned properly


  • Instant Sell now supports multiple NFTs


  • Main navigation menu reorganized to make it easier and more-intuitive


  • Vault3 link added to collection pages


  • "Mint with JPG" button added under Cardano Drops on the homepage
  • Missing assets for Goofy Gophers Tribes fixed

JPG Hippo profile image JPG Hippo