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What's In Store? Edition 3

Omen Rise, Rebates for All, Presale Meta and Volume way up!

What's In Store? Edition 3

Omen on the rise

Over the last week, Omen has been putting in some impressive numbers! πŸ“ˆ

It is currently sitting at a 333 ADA floor, with the volume exploding through the 1M ADA mark.

Does Omen have what it takes to solidify itself as a blue chip? Leave your thoughts below πŸ‘‡


Rebates for Everyone

At JPG Store, we’re extending the first tier of rebate to all users, regardless of $JPG holdings! πŸ’›

Every purchase or offer accepted will grant a 10% rebate.

This offer lasts until the end of S2, so experience rebates and make the most out of your trading 🀝


Presale Passes

Passes to access DeFi token presales are still the talk of the town! πŸ“Š

Most of them are minting through JPG’s very own minting platform, so you can see all the action directly on the collection pages!

The returns on some of these have been nothing short of impressive but, as always, make sure to DYOR and never invest more than you can afford to lose! 🀝


NFT Volume is Surging

This week, we saw a 4 month-high in Cardano NFT volume πŸ“Š

Over the last 30D alone, volume is up by over 20%!

During the last bull run, we consistently had days with over $3M ADA in Volume traded on the Store. What numbers do you think we could touch this time around?

JPG Hippo profile image JPG Hippo