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What's In Store? Edition 4

Lil Sappys, S2 End, NFT Tickets for RareEvo, USDC on Cardano?

What's In Store? Edition 4

Sappy Seals… on Cardano?

Lil Sappys, a Sappy Seals community project, chose Cardano as its cross-chain destination. The goal of the project is to connect the two blockchain communities and expand the Sappy Seal brand.

This has sparked up both immense support as well as accusations of a “liquidity extraction”. What are your thoughts on this collection which has joined forces with @TASFactory's Web 3 project incubator?


Season 2 is now OVER

JPG Store’s Season 2 has now come to a close after various months of runtime. This Sweeping Season saw traders bringing out the big brooms, with Sweeps granting up to 5X the XP gain!

Stay tuned to our official channels for information about $JPG claims and the upcoming season.

Thank you to everyone who participated; we can’t wait to show you what Season 3 is gonna look like!


NFT Ticketing for Events

They should be the industry standard, right? The easiest way to verify ownership and provenance securely!

That’s just what Rare Evo, a blockchain event, is doing for this year’s edition in Las Vegas! You can mint your ticket and get a chance at a unique Las Vegas Experience + entry into a $50,000 VIP Holder raffle.

NFT Utility is already here, we’re just getting started! 💛


USDC on Cardano?

Seems like the Cardano Community has chosen its hot topic for the week!

A tweet from Dan Gambardello stirred the pot, generating discussions around “technological and philosophical incompatibility” and the “introduction of centralized rails on Cardano” .

The yay/nay split seems to be heavily favoring taking the first steps to introduce USDC on Cardano.

How would this affect the NFT market on Cardano? Would it be a liquidity injection or a neutral addition?

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